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Copy of Staff Directory

All emails are [first name (dot) last name @ ccstn.org} example:  [email protected]
Administrative Staff
Boles, Paul Principal
Coffman, Keri Dean of Students
Wright, Steve SRO Officer

Teaching Staff
Balthrop, Elizabeth  Speech  
Caddell, Kensey 1st Grade Teacher
Chioccio, Maria Music Teacher
Collins, Susan  Interventionalist  [email protected] 
Colvard, Sharon  Pre-K Teacher 
Connelly, Valeriia  IPS Teacher
Craig, Brenda  Resource Teacher
Crouch, Brittany 
4th Grade Math Teacher
[email protected] 
Dees, Hannah  Diverse Learners Teacher  [email protected] 
Evans-Sharpton, Samantha  Centerstone [email protected] 
Fulmer, Hannah  3rd Grade Handwriting/Grammar Teacher  [email protected] 
Fort, Tara  EL Teacher  [email protected] 
Gates, Wil  Physical Education Teacher 
Greenwood, Allyson 4th Grade Science/Social Studies Teacher 
Hasse, Kristi  Academic Specialist 
Horton, Kelsey  3rd Grade Science/Social Studies Teacher  [email protected] 
Hunsicker, Melissa  Interventionalist  [email protected] 
Jones, Melissa  4th Grade reading/ Language Arts Teacher  [email protected] 
Keller, Mary Claire  Kindergarten Teacher  [email protected] 
Krantz, Whitney  2nd Grade Math/Science Teacher 
Lewis, Annalisa  3rd Grade Reading Teacher 
Lewis, Rachel  2nd Grade math/ Science 
Long, Meredith  Librarian 
Lowy, Susanna  3rd Grade Math Teacher  [email protected] 
Lynch, Jennifer Speech 
Mangrum, Danielle  2nd Grade Reading/ Social Studies Teacher  [email protected] 
Morris, Tonya  1st Grade Teacher 
Neuman, Hannah  Kindergarten Teacher
Sledge, Alyson  Kindergarten Teacher  [email protected] 
Sneed, Rachel  2nd Grade Reading/ Social Studies Teacher 
Speich, Lori  Pre-K Teacher 
Stehle, Misty  Interventionalist 
Stephenson, Sarah  Kindergarten Teacher 
Taylor, Sara Travelling Art Teacher  [email protected] 
Wilson, Paula  1st Grade Teacher 

Support Staff
Beasley, Karen  Diverse Learners Assistant 
Blystone, Amber  Nurse 
Buck Melissa  One on One Assistant 
Coffman, Bill  Diverse Learners Assistant 
Duke, Mary  Assistant 
Fizer, Claudette Parent Involvement coordinator
Hansen, Mindy Bookkeeper
Harris, Janeen  Registrar  [email protected] 
Killebrew, Jamie  Secretary 
Kurilich, Traci  RTI Assistant 
McGuigan, Sandy  IPS Assistant 
Paterson, Diane  Pre-K Assistant 
Ray, Deona  Pre-K 
Smith, Rosie  Assistant 
Staggs, Mary  Computer Lab 
Wood, Lenna Resource
All emails are
(first name) (dot or period) (last name) @ccstn.org