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Welcome to Computer Lab!

Every student at East Cheatham (Pre-K through 4) comes to the Computer Lab for 45 minutes per week.  

Computer Lab Rules:

1.  Keep your hands in your lap until instructions are given.

2.  Raise your hand for permission to speak.


Every student comes to the lab for 45 minutes a week.

Here is a synopsis of computer lab curriculum:

PRE-K - They will learn to connect to the internet and use STARFALL, ABCYA, and PBSKIDS.  They will learn vocabulary regarding computer. They will learn to log in to a computer.

K - Initially, they will learn to operate the mouse using Bailey's Book House, Millie's Math House, Sammy's Science House, and Trudy's Time and Place House.  They will learn to log on the computer and eventually they will learn to log into the computer under their OWN username and password.  They will also learn how to navigate a web browser (Google Chrome) and go to web sites for learning.  We use Starfall, ABCya, PBSkids mainly. 

1 - They will learn to navigate Google Chrome to find a website.  They will learn how to bookmark sites for use.  They will use Starfall, ABCya, PBSKids, and KidsA-Z. They will also be introduced to Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. 

2 - Second grade builds on first grade skills.  They will use all the sites that first grade uses.  They will go further into Word and PowerPoint.  They will be introduced to keyboarding. 

3 - Third grade's main focus is on keyboard skills.  They will use and Dance Mat Typing to practice.  They will also learn to navigate their email account.   They will also use Prodigy, KidsA-Z,  They will learn to do computer research using  In addition, they will review Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. 

4 - Fourth grade will continue with keyboarding skills.  Their lessons will continue over from third grade.  They will learn to navigate their email account.  They will use Prodigy, KidsA-Z,  They will will do research using  They will also review Word and PowerPoint.  

Feel free to call or email me with any questions you may have.  746-5251 Ext. 107 or


Tina Fuqua

ECES Computer Lab