Congratulations to Mrs. Olivia Hartley, ECE's Employee of the Month!

Mrs. Hartley and her family
The employee of the month for East Cheatham is Kindergarten Teacher, Olivia Hartley. Olivia has been teaching for seven years and always puts the needs of her students first.  She is an asset to the ECE faculty by organizing and leading many important events.  Some of those events include chairing Fall Festival, organizing the Sunshine Fund, putting together the Mr. and Ms. ECES fundraiser, and much more.  One of Olivia’s best qualities is her ability to teach with a sense of purpose and see the big picture.  This quality sets her apart from others in that Mrs. Hartley is able to begin with the end in mind.  Olivia’s humor and wit make a lasting impression on the ECE faculty and staff, and we are so happy to call her family.