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The ECE Bookstore will be open again on October 23. It will only be open from 7:10 - 7:45 in the morning. The price range of the items to be sold is $0.25 - $2.50. Items such as notepads, pencils, erasers, twist up crayons, etc. will be for sale. It will be located outside of the gym, near the bathrooms.
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Calendar Changes!

There have been some calendar changes. Please check the calendars coming home and check here for updates! We will try our best to keep the web site calendar updated as currently as we can! Thank you for your understanding!
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Beginning MONDAY, AUGUST 19, all visitors coming into the building will begin using our new Raptor Visitor Management System when signing in at the front office. All visitors will need to present their driver's license to be scanned by the system. If the visitor is cleared a visitor tag will be printed for him/her to wear.
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Check out ECE's newest Facebook Page! ECE Inside Edition! All content is COMPLETELY WRITTEN AND PHOTOGRAPHED by our students. Minimal editing assistance is provided! Click on the the headline or follow this link:
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