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Pre-K Arrival/pick up information
Posted On:
Thursday, December 04, 2014
Parents may bring students beginning at 7:30. Please DO NOT PASS AROUND CARS IN THE CAR RIDER LINE IN THE MORNINGS. If you bring your student...

Parents may bring students beginning at 7:30.  Please enter the grounds on the ball field side of the school building.  Please pull all the way down to the Pre-K area and you may park in the 2 lanes designated for Pre-K.  You will take your students to the back doors of the Pre-K classrooms.  

You may pick up at the back doors.  -  Please park in the front in the same area to pick up your Pre-K student.  

*We must keep all fire lanes open at all times.  We thank you for your assistance.

Also, remember there is to be NO SMOKING on school property. 

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