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Car Rider and Bus Information
Posted On:
Thursday, December 04, 2014

The Speed limit on ECES property is 5 mph.


Car Riders:  IN THE MORNINGS:   ALL car riders enter the campus by the ball field and drive around the back to the cafeteria side of the building.  An ADULT will be there to supervise your child getting out of the car.  Please pull forward to the second red line.  Students may exit their cars if they are between the two red lines.  A second ADULT stands at the door by the gym to watch and let the children in the building.  Please DO NOT PASS in the car rider lane.  Car rider line ENDS at 7:45 when the bell rings.  If the adult is gone, you are LATE and must come into the building with your child and sign them in.  Please pull to the front of the building to park.  NO ONE is to be let out of their car unsupervised.  This is for the safety of all students.

 IN THE AFTERNOON:- ALL CAR RIDERS MUST HAVE A PASS IN THEIR WINDSHIELD!!  Passes may be obtained from the office.  A $5.00 fee will be assessed for any lost car rider passes.  ALL car riders will be picked up in the back of the building at the cafeteria door.  Please enter car rider line from the ball field side of the building and drive around back where your student will be dismissed.


Bus Information:  The buses will arrive at 7:10 to drop off students.  They will go to breakfast and report to gym. - except kindergarten which will report to class. 

Afternoon buses arrive around 3:00.  Students are led to the busses by their teachers.



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