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Computer Lab

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Welcome to Computer Lab!

Every student at East Cheatham (Pre-K through 4) comes to the Computer Lab for 45 minutes per week.  

Computer Lab Rules:

1.  Keep your hands in your lap until instructions are given.

2.  Raise your hand for permission to speak.

3.  Keep all four legs of the chair on the floor.

Every student comes to the lab for 45 minutes a week.

Here is a synopsis of computer lab curriculum:

PRE-K - They will learn to connect to the internet and use STARFALL, ABCYA, and PBSKIDS.  They are learning vocabulary regarding computer.

K - They will learn to log into the computer under their OWN username and password.  They will begin and progess in the lessons of  They will also learn how to navigate a web browser (Google Chrome) and go to web sites for learning.

1 - - Lessons on the keyboard, letters; numbers; words, spaces, and enter; brushes and lines; cursor, arrows, and tabs; shift and symbols; shapes and fills; processor and ISO devices.  They will also be introduced to Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.

2- - Lessons on the keyboard; Windows and controls; toolbars and menus; software; printer; scanner; testing on computer practice; typing, Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.

3- - Lessons on the keyboard;  Cyber-bullying; windows and controls; toolbars and menus; software; printer;scanner; taking tests on the computer.  LOTS of typing practice. Microsoft Word, and PowerPoint.

4 - - Lessons on the keyboard; Cyber-bullying; windows and controls; toolbars and menus; software; printer; scanner; taking tests on the computer; typing practice, Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.

Feel free to call or email me with any questions you may have.  746-5251 Ext. 107 or


Tina Fuqua

ECES Computer Lab